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Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Main Alien Conspiracy Theories and the Way Youtubers Present Them– A Blog

Shane Dawson

            Shane opens with a plug to another video but when he gets into the topic of the video creepy music starts up and he dives into different conspiracies about aliens. He talks about Jesus being an alien, JFK possibly being assassinated because he wanted to know about aliens and various UFOs citing—bright light patterns in the sky—that cannot be explained by “government testing”. He provides many video clips and evidence to support these conspiracy theories. His goal in making this video is to entertain his audience, give a positive message even if aliens want to take us out.  
            Shane opens in this video about a call to the radio show. There is an abnormal effort in this call to say that it is debunked. He goes on to show Paul Hellyer—Canadian Minister of defense—who openly admitted that aliens exist. In this video, Shane tends to focus more on the facts and he dips into more of the scarier conspiracies such as the MIB and astronauts who have claimed to seen UFOs. The last half of the video he talks about UFO sightings around the world. He always addresses the possible fakeness of the videos but never explains how he could be doctored. His main persona is to stay presenting—never to leave the news report type way of presenting information—basically he never dwells into science or mechanics of things and stays on the wow factor of it all. To his audience, he is giving a more thoroughly researched video and he always leaves with a positive message that it will all be ok—that we will figure out whatever comes our way.
            Now Shane has many videos on conspiracy theories concerning aliens, but I picked these two to show the development throughout the years. The changes between rumor and fact. Sometimes conspiracies, as we know with 9/11, end up being true. As for aliens though, who can say will we ever find the truth?

Joey Graceffa
            As a stylistic choice, his video has the usual Youtuber frame—like Shane—also the shocked face in the thumbnail or inquisitive face. Right off the bat, you see video evidence then his logo. Joey presents his information using a vlog style and then showing interviews. He highlights the movie Phoenix Forgotten—which was his purpose of visiting Austin and Phoenix—which involves these lights seen by different people of various backgrounds in the area. The video did not dwell on the logistics but just the wow factor of it all. To his audience, this video was just a snapshot of his life and a good suggestion for the movie mentioned.

Kendall Rae
            Right away the viewpoint we get is raw and real. Kendall has a plug for a giveaway she had done in a previous video for vape pens. I am biased when it comes to Kendall Rae because when it comes to her videos I always walk away feeling more informed instead of having more questions than answers. She thoroughly explains what each conspiracy is—informs us greatly on the subjects—things we may not be aware of like telescopes and how they work. She does not rely too heavily on UFO video evidence and gives an informative background on new discoveries made by scientists in 2017. To her audience, this works greater than the previous videos mentioned because you get to see the science behind it her goal is to inform and educate while wowing us at the same time.

Tyler Rugge
            He changes it up by keeping his face in the frame. The same music enhancing type music is used that was also used in Shane & other Youtuber conspiracy videos. He highlights the main conspiracy theories that generally everyone has heard of and keeps it light and short with the evidence in his video.

Alltime Conspiracies
            A documentary-style channel that posts about conspiracies all the time. It opens with host Robin and Alex who carry the video into a more history channel like vibe. The video is jammed with facts and its main goal is to inform the audience, create content and provide shocking evidence to their viewers. It has an effective viral-ness to it that can be explained by it a professional way of presenting the information and conspiracies it dishes out.

Men in Black- MIB
 People usually describe the 
MIB as traveling in pairs, but some have claimed to see 3 or more at one time. They are recounted to have shown up after a person has captured video evidence of a UFO or seen something that is deemed not fit for human eyes. They are tall, faceless beings who wear long black suits, black hats and look eerily unhuman.